Rickshaw sightseeing tour

"History of rickshaws" developed for tourism

Currently, it is mainly operated for sightseeing purposes in tourist spots.
The first rickshaw to be used for sightseeing was in 1970 at Hida Takayama's Gokurakusha. Later,
it was introduced many times on TV programs in places such as Kyoto and Kamakura, and spread throughout the country.
Initially, business began in tourist areas with elegant townscapes such as Kyoto, or in downtown areas such as
Asakusa where rickshaws are suitable, and gradually expanded to hot spring towns such as Ito Onsen and Dogo Onsen, and Mojiko,where retro townscapes such as the Taisho period (1912-1926) remain.
It spread to tourist spots such as Chinatown. It is common to tour sightseeing spots on a course and have a rickshaw driver explain as a tourist guide.
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Tour Overview

Starting from the rickshaw inn, it is a 30-minute tour where you can take a rickshaw ride and sightsee elegantly through the old townscape.
The line of sight from the rickshaw is high, so you can enjoy a fresh feeling different from walking around the city.
In addition, a motorist who is familiar with the town will guide you around the town while taking pictures and guiding, so you can enjoy new discoveries and scenery that can only be encountered by rickshaw.
It will be a memory of a lifetime that you will never forget!

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Reservation reception

Please contact the front desk by the day before your desired sightseeing date.(Reception hours 15:00~18:00)
Please let us know your preferred time slot.
Payment will be made at the time of reservation reception.

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