Hida Takayama has a full range of accommodation options.(June 12, 2023)

Option (1) "Special breakfast set" Click here

Option (2) "Miyagawa Morning Market - Old Townscape - Jinya Morning Market" Sightseeing Tour Click here

Option (3) "Rickshaw Tour" Click here

Please reserve each option in advance or at check-in. (It will be accepted the day before)

Pursuit of further "ease of accommodation".

During the announcement of the state of emergency, we received many inquiries, and conversations with customers led to joy for the staff and kept us motivated. I'm really thankful to you.

Since the renewal in September last year, the number of customers due to covid-19 has decreased significantly, and we are implementing "reforms" that the hotel should implement.

  1. Enhanced infection prevention against the new coronavirus.
  2. Registration for accommodations eligible for the GoTo Travel Campaign.
  3. "Collaboration with local restaurants" as a merit of being a "room without meals".
  4. Implementation of a unique tourist information tour “Eating and walking sightseeing tour” limited to guests.
  5. Implementation of original discount campaign.

The limited-time discount campaign until the end of March was also well received, and we received comments that we would like you to continue to carry out your own discount campaign.
This time, with the theme of "pursuing further" ease of accommodation "", we will completely revise the accommodation charges and carry out our own discount campaign until the GoTo Travel Campaign resumes.

Under implementation of new coronavirus infection prevention measures

The following goods and businesses were maintained with the support subsidy for accommodation facilities for "new daily life" in Gifu prefecture in the 2nd year of Reiwa.

  1. Splash prevention partition
  2. AI temperature measurement monitor (KAOIRO)
  3. With digital signage function CAOCAM-AI
  4. Air Registerer Pack Star Micronics mpop Set
  5. Air cleaner
  6. Non-contact hand disinfection alcohol disinfection sprayer
  7. Non-contact type light installation work
  8. Window expansion work
  9. Screen door installation
New information "The warm water washing toilet seat has been renewed" (October 22, 2020)

All guest room toilets have been refurbished and changed to hot water washing toilets with "automatic deodorizing function".

In addition, the shared lounge on the 2nd floor is equipped with a shared toilet, reborn as a more comfortable space.

Please spend a relaxing night in Hida Takayama.

About Rickshaw Inn

A new form of "room without meals".

A healing inn with a nostalgic atmosphere.
Taking advantage of the convenient location where most of the sightseeing spots in Takayama city are within walking distance, you can take a leisurely trip to find a hidden spot while enjoying sightseeing.

Enjoy sightseeing and gourmet food in Hida Takayama.


Leaflet about Rickshaw Inn

click here to download

Facilities & Services

  • Entrance (morning)
  • Entrance (night)
  • Reception desk
  • AI temperature system
  • Antiseptic solution
  • 1st floor corridor
  • 2nd floor lounge
  • 2nd floor shared kitchen
Facilities Information

Main equipment

■ 1st floor guest room 101:BAMBOO , 102:SAKURA
TV , bath , toilet (with warm water washing toilet seat) , washstand , table , air conditioning , FF type heater , refrigerator , electric Pot(coffee , tea )

■ 2nd floor guest room 202:SARUBOBO , 203:ASAICHI , 204:JINYA
TV , bath , toilet (with warm water washing toilet seat) , washstand , table , air conditioning , FF type heater

■ 2nd floor lounge
shared Refrigerator ( installed by the kitchen ), shared kitchen ( sink / Electric cookpots / microwave oven / toaster / Tableware / cutlery ect... ) , shared toilet( ith warm water washing toilet seat ), air purifier with humidifier , alcohol dispenser , electric Pot(coffee , tea )

■ 2nd floor rental room ( supecial 4and a half tatami mat room )
TV , air conditioning , table

■ 1st floor west side coin laundry ( 300yen / 30minutes ) , dryer ( 200yen / 50minutes )
※Landry detergent is soid at the front desk. TV, bath, toilet (with warm water washing toilet seat), air conditioning, FF type heater, individual refrigerator (SAKURA, BAMBOO) Shared refrigerator (for guest rooms on the 2nd floor), shared kitchen (lounge on the 2nd floor), shared toilet (lounge on the 2nd floor), coin laundry (300 yen / 30 minutes), dryer (100 yen / 30 minutes)


Yukata / Dryer / Bath towel / Face towel / Shampoo / Rinse / Body soap / Toothbrush / Razor / Cup for brushing teeth
※If you need to exchange amenities for consecutive nights, please contact the front desk.


Wi-Fi ( Rickshawiin )

Infectious disease prevention measures

Air purifier with humidifier ( Each guest room ) / AI temperature measurement system ( 1st floor Entrance ) / alcohol dispenser ( 1st floor Entrance , 2nd floor lounge )

Lending service ( paid reservation system )

Rental room ( supecial 4and a half tatami mat room ) / bicycle rental ( 2 bicycles ) / parking lot ( 3cars )
2nd floor lounge
The lounge on the 2nd floor can be used as a shared space.
Coffee, tea and tea are at your disposal, and facilities are also available.
In the communal kitchen, you can freely use Refrigerator / Electric tops ( frying pan , saucepan etc. ) / Sink ( Cutting boards, kitchen knives, etc. ) / Microwave oven / toaster / Electric kettle / Tableware / cutlery,etc. are fully equipped.
It is also equipped with a private rental room and a shared toilet (warm water toilet seat).
Meal information
Currently, we do not provide services.
There are many restaurants in the famous food district within a 1-minute walk, so if you get lost, please ask the staff.
Within a 1 minute walk outside the hotel, there is a famous Food Street where you can eat delicious foods. There is also a restaurant「Family store Sato」 and a convenience store 「Daily Yamazaki」located nearby.. You can also enjoy your meal in the lounge on the 2nd floor of the main building.
We also sell breakfast tickets, and we recommend the "Rickshaw in Breakfast Set (Pak Leaf Miso Breakfast Set Meal)" eaten at "「Kajibashi Shokudo」 in Miyagawa Morning Market.
Accommodation options
In order to fully enjoy Hida Takayama, we have prepared several accommodation options.
Non-Smoking Facility
All rooms in this hotel are non-smoking.


Enjoy Hida Takayama and everything!

Currently,we are holding a popular sightseeing tour around the old townscape from the morning market.

Click here for details

Enjoy the old townscape!

A popular sightseeing tour is being held to elegantly tour the old town while riding a rickshaw.

Click here for details

Guest Rooms

  • 101


    staying plan / 1 room per night( excluding tax )
    Number of guests Room Rate High Season Rate
    1 ~ 4 36,000 yen 43,000 yen
    Can't reserve

    ※Because it is rented annually.

  • 102


    staying plan / 1 room per night( excluding tax )
    Number of guests Room Rate High Season Rate
    1 ~ 4 43,000 yen 48,000 yen
    5 44,000 yen 49,000 yen
    6 45,000 yen 50,000 yen
  • 202


    staying plan / 1 room per night( excluding tax )
    Number of guests Room Rate High Season Rate
    1 ~ 2 24,000 yen 29,000 yen
    3 25,000 yen 30,000 yen
  • 203


    staying plan / 1 room per night( excluding tax )
    Number of guests Room Rate High Season Rate
    1 ~ 2 23,000 yen 30,000 yen
  • 204


    staying plan / 1 room per night( excluding tax )
    Number of guests Room Rate High Season Rate
    1 ~ 2 24,000 yen 29,000 yen
    3 25,000 yen 30,000 yen
High season rates
Spring TAKAYAMA festival 4/14 ~ 4/15
Golden week 4/28 ~ 5/5
Obon 8/11 ~ 8/15
Autumn TAKAYAMA festival 10/9 ~ 10/10
※High season rates apply on the above nights.
Customers with children
Up to 6 years old (Bed-sharing) 7 years old and over
free Same amount for adults
※Please contact us in advance if you would like to use bedding for children up to 6 years old.
※Futons for Western-style rooms (bedrooms) are not available.

User Guide

Check in / Check out
  1. Check in   /  3:00 pm to 6:00 pm
  2. Check out / until 10:00 am
  3. Late Check-out / until 12:00 am
    1,500 yen / hour.
    Up to 2 hours extension
Cancellation policy
The guest shall pay cancellation charges.

  1. 【The details below are the specific charges depending on the date of the cancellation.】
  2. 1 day prior to date of check-in:50% of the room charge
  3. Date of check-in:100% of the room charge
  4. No show:100% of the room charge
  1. Paid parking lot (3 cars)
  2. If the hotel parking lot is full, please use the nearby paid parking lot.

Please make the payment by yourself.



  1. Japanese Yen

Credit Card

QR payment

Affiliated vacation houseSense of Wonder

It is a vacation house where you can enjoy tonight while looking at the city of Takayama from a small hill.

※When making a reservation, please say that you are making a reservation from "Rickshaw Inn".

Reservation & Contact

Rickshaw Inn reservation confirmation TEL


If the reservation date is less than a week,
please call to make a reservation.

Reservation form.

Inquiries other than reservation.

Contact form


International Inn Rickshaw Inn

54 Suehiro-cho Takayama, Gifu, Japan


TEL : +81-577-32-2890

Operating company

Quadrifoglio Inc.

54 Suehiro-cho Takayama, Gifu, Japan


TEL : +81-577-37-0428

FAX : +81-577-37-0328

Quadrifoglio means four-leaf clover in Italian, according to an old Irish tradition, those who find a four-leaf clover are destined for good luck.
In Japan, the first leaf of the four-leaf clover symbolizes "hope", the second leaf symbolizes "faith", the third leaf symbolizes "love" and the fourth leaf symbolizes "happiness."
During your stay, look for a "lucky" four-leaf clover.